Why TradeCrews?

The skilled trades matter. They matter to us, to our country and to our families.

If you work in the trades, thank you!

While growing up in New England I witnessed and experienced the best things in life. I fell in love with my beautiful wife and became a proud father of two bright, kind children. I also experienced the traditional short summers, long winters and the annual heartache from my beloved Red Sox. I witnessed beautiful fall foliage and fantastic sunsets. I was also very fortunate to witness the craftsmanship of a master carpenter, my father, Jack. He would ply his trade in our larger-than-life red barn. Dad framed houses and finished them. He built cabinets, countertops and tables. He sided houses and roofed them. He did much more though. He worked with cement and masonry; and he even tackled plumbing and electrical too. In short, if it needed to be done in a home or job site, Dad could do it - and there were no nailing guns in his day. I realize now what I didn't then - I was fortunate to witness a master craftsman at work.

The trade gene skipped me...you could say I became adept at bending nails with my hammer. I often wondered how Dad's career would have been different if he had someone better to work with than me. I can still hear him...."Paolo..." he would call me in his Sicilian accent...and I did my best to keep up. It is from this thought and these memories that TradeCrews was born. TradeCrews is about uplifting the tradesman and the trade industry using my interest in technology and passion for helping people. It's about serving the trade industry, advocating for careers in the trades, and letting the men, women and businesses know they have an advocate to rely on throughout their careers.

The company I started, Red Barn Software, pays homage through its name, to Dad and his craftsmanship. TradeCrews honors ALL tradespeople regardless of experience, age, gender or race - even NY Yankee fans :-). Be proud to work in the trades. Learn a skill....teach a skill...and pass it on.

Paul Millefolie
Founder, TradeCrews