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About TradeCrews

Thank you for visiting TradeCrews™, the social job and career site built specifically for the skilled trades. Our platform allows job seekers, tradesmen and employers to connect directly, simplifying the search for employment, careers, mentoring opportunities, and talent. We hope you enjoy your experience using the site, and we value your feedback. Questions and comments can be directed to

Who Can Use TradeCrews™?

TradeCrews is for job seekers, tradesmen and companies who want to directly hire them. TradeCrews is not for staffing companies or independent recruiters.

How it Works

Members quickly create free profiles. Our simple, but powerful features allow members to connect in a number of relevant ways. If you’re searching for a new career, a job, want to mentor, or hire, TradeCrews can help you get connected and get noticed. You can complete relevant sections of your profile, and control the visibility of each section, including keeping current employer's names private.

For Job Seekers

Are you interested a new career in the trades? Awesome! The skilled trades industry is searching for people who are looking for good paying jobs and careers with mobility and stability. Create your profile and start exploring member and business profiles to begin making connections.

For Tradesmen

Are you looking for work? Want to be a mentor? Great! allows you to connect with business users who are hiring. If you’re interested in being a mentor, let others know and share your experience and insights to help them.

For Employers

Tired of paying for job posting ads that expire, or paying “per click”? TradeCrews makes it easy to promote your business and lower the cost of finding talent. Your business profile includes items that can help you appeal to job seekers, tradesmen and other businesses.

Need Help?

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