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Thank you for visiting TradeCrews. We built TradeCrews out of our deep respect for the men and women who faithfully serve skilled trades industries. Tremendous career opportunities exist and we want to do our part to help you succeed. TradeCrews is a platform that allows you to search for and connect with other users, find training opportunties, employment, apprenticeships, view business profiles and more. Joining TradeCrews can help you be a mentor, advocate for careers in the trades and set an example for future generations. We hope you enjoy your experience using the site, and we value your feedback. Questions and comments can be directed to

TC Who Can Use TradeCrews?

TradeCrews is for students, graduates, job seekers, tradesmen and companies who want to directly hire them. TradeCrews is not for staffing companies or independent recruiters. Teachers and instructors are encouraged to create individual accounts and help the next generation discover the trades. School administrators and trade associations are encouraged to join and create personal and organizational profiles.

TC How it Works

Members quickly create free profiles. Our simple, but powerful features allow members to connect in a number of ways. Relevant sections of your profile indicate your interests and help you make connections. You control the visibility of each section of your profile.

TC For Job Seekers

Are you interested in a new career in the trades? Awesome! The skilled trades industry is searching for bright, hard working men and women to uphold their high standards. If you're looking for good paying jobs and careers with mobility and stability, create your profile and start discovering the trades. Connect with members, businesses, educators and more. Find training, apprenticeships and jobs.

TC For Tradesmen

Are you looking for your next employment opportunity? Want to be a mentor for the next generation? Great! TradeCrews allows you to connect directly with employers. If you’re interested in being a mentor, you can indicate so in your profile and share your experience and insights with job seekers and fellow tradesmen. Help set the example for the next generation.

TC For Teachers

Do you want to connect with the next generation of professional tradesmen? Create a free individual account, share your experience and knowledge and help people discover the trades.

TC For Employers

Want to advertise your job opportunities and apprenticeships? Want to get connected to CTE schools, job seekers and welcome the next generation of professional tradesmen? Your business profile includes items that can help you appeal to job seekers, tradesmen and other businesses.

TC For Educators

Help connect job seekers and tradesmen to the training and certifications you provide. Create your personal and school profiles, add course listings and help connect talent with opportunity.

TC For Associations and Organizations

Do you represent a labor sector or industry? Create your personal and association's profile to help be a resource for the industry. Join and help demonstrate the strength of the support system for new businesses, tradesmen and job seekers.

TC For Partners and Supporters

Want to help changes lives? We're looking for suppporters, partners and sponsors to join with us and continue to make a social and economic impact in the lives of people serving these industries. Join the crew and help be part of the change.

TC Need Help?

We are happy to help! Contact us at